One of the most difficult things for all of us is, not only to work in the Cause of Allah Almighty, but also to do so with a 100% of our hearts. So, because of all the attractions of this world and the role of our egos, we tend to vacillate between being for Allah Almighty and being for this world and one’s ego. Being for this world, gives one material possessions, which many of us enjoy and boast about. And so, we are considered successful in this world if we have all these trappings. Very few people are prepared to choose Allah Almighty above this world and to be for Him only. This is extremely rare. True workers in the Cause of Allah Almighty are found few and far between. One has to search and search and ask Allah Almighty to bring such a person in one’s space, but to find them is extremely rare.

We have come into the Naqshbandi Tariqah, not only to change our personalities in the sense that we want to become more pious, but also, because we are reaching out to Allah Almighty through His authorized representatives and pleading with Him to make us of His obedient servants. Many of us, Alhamdu lillah, have already received wonderful hasanat from Allah Almighty and are enjoying the spiritual benefits of these hasanat. And so, although we live in this world and live with people, we are for Allah Almighty. This separates us from so many others.

We have to decide in which group we wish to be; with those who are 100% for Allah Almighty or with those who are 100% for this world. The latter, if you work hard enough, will give you so many material possessions, but you will have nothing for the Hereafter. The former, being for Allah Almighty only, may give you little of this world, but a storehouse full of hasanat in the Hereafter. You might even be fortunate enough to fall into one of the many categories of pious people who Allah (ﷻ) mentions in the Qur’an. Perhaps you’ll be fortunate enough to sit on a pulpit of light in the Hereafter and you will exude light that is incomparable. Some people in Cape Town have already attained this. They are so far the fortunate ones.

They have attained this, not only through their ibadat, but also, because they are prepared to work for Islam uncompromisingly. They are for Allah (ﷻ), they work in His Cause, they obey His rules and they spread His Message.

Why is it that many of us don’t want this? We’ve come into the Tariqah for all kinds of reasons but we are not prepared to put our shoulders to the religious wheel for Allah’s (ﷻ) sake. Why is it that the attractions of this world are so powerful that we have been imprisoned in its arms? Why is it that although we have received the message of Islam, we run away when God’s work has to be done and we are almost afraid to be servants in His Cause? Why is it that despite being fortunate to be in this Tariqah, we don’t want to work in it? We are going to have major regrets one day, then it is going to be too late and we’ll be of those people who will go down in our history as the “wont-workers”. My appeal to each one of you in this Tariqah is to make a commitment to God and to yourself that you are going to work in His Cause. There is so much to be done and so few who are prepared to do it. We ask Almighty Allah to make us servants in His Cause and we plead with Him to make us of those choicest servants who will one day have positions near to that of Nabi Muhammad (ﷺ), amin.

[Letters to Seekers on the Spiritual Path Vol 2 – Unpublished 2012]

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