Hajj and Umrah – A Summary




Compiled and arranged by: Yusuf da Costa

Although there are many books on Ԩajj and ‘Umrah available on the market, the presentation of this book is unique because it tries to take the pilgrim through the different aspects of the Ԩajj and ‘Umrah in a systematic way.  The book in no way replaces the teacher who is still needed to help prospective pilgrims to understand the processes of the ‘ibãdãt of Ԩajj and ‘Umrah they have to go through.  The book may be used by the teacher as a reference or by those who have already been under a teacher and who need to refresh their knowledge of the ‘ibãdãt. It is, however, going to be extremely difficult to use this book or any other book on the same subject without the guidance of a teacher.

And Allah, Most High, knows best.

[Shaykh Yusuf da Costa, 2003]

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