This work is primarily an exposition of the teachings of as-Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Mãliki on certain aspects of Islam over which a blanket of silence has been surreptitiously placed, especially during the last few decades.  Drawing mainly from his work, Mafãhim Yajibu an-Tusaḥḥaḥ {Concepts which need Rectification, 1995), and from a few works by other authors, I have attempted to present certain perspectives that have always been an essential part of the major teachings on Islamic Spirituality.  Regrettably, these teachings, for a variety of historical reasons, have either been totally ignored, distorted or silenced and have left all of us so much poorer and deprived in our understanding and practice of the religion….

This work is an attempt to open the door to the original teachings of Islam, and to try to break the silence that has been imposed on different aspects of the religion.  The work is also part of our remembrance of the visits to South Africa by as-Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Mãliki in the first half of 1997 ad of 2000 – visits, which have not only inspired us to continue along the religious path we have chosen for ourselves, but have also strengthened our resolve to defend our religious heritage.

[Shaykh Yusuf da Costa, 2001]

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