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We are living in a century where people are saying that there is no god.  Atheism has dominion over the whole world.  All governments and educational systems are based on atheism and materialism.  It means that the sovereignty of Satan has been established from north to south and from east to west, in every nation and within every belief.  Until we are able to destroy the sultanate of Satan, we cannot do anything.

Imagine a huge desert with an oasis where there is a spring of water, which is only enough for a small greenery.  The thousands and thousands of kilometres of desert cannot flourish from that spring.

In the same way, I am only one person.  I cannot help the whole desert.  Only a handful of people can come and drink at the oasis, but most people will be running through the desert instead.  I am not claiming that my impact will be from east to west.  I am only trying to sustain a small oasis, nothing more.

[Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, 1997.  Defending Truth, London: Zero Productions, p.81]

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